Monster Muff Purse with Vinyl View Screen

Muff: a fuzzy warm tube to warm your hands I started this project wanting to incorporate a clear vinyl view screen into a muff so that the user could send text messages or otherwise use their smartphone/device while keeping their hands warm. I had seen some thing like this at a sporting goods store over…


Stop Changing Batteries – Use a Power Supply

DC power supplies can be used to run your battery powered devices. In this video I’ll show you how I upgraded a small planetarium and share some principles you can apply to any device. Always practice safety when dealing with electricity.

Easy no-sew burlap tree skirt

It’s almost here! That magical time of year where everything changes – we bring trees in the house, put lights outside and move our budget to the red. Christmas time! Add some rustic flair to your home this year and keep your budget black with a super simple, no-sew burlap and duck-cloth tree skirt. I…


FPS Bubbles

Sometimes we let our baby sit in the sandbox with the bubble machine on – it seems to make him happy. On one such a summers day, we were toddler-sitting for a friend of ours while the bubbles rained down on the sandbox. Our young friend was less interested in getting sandy but was taken…


Guar gum bubbles + wand

I love bubbles, they are relaxing, mesmerizing even, to watch. They are swirling rainbow orbs that just float where the wind takes them. Even as a kid, I was fascinated by bubbles and I remember how excited I was at our ‘bubble-ology’ class in grade school. However, pretty much the first thing I learned about…


DIY wooden frame water table

Surfing Pinterest my wife found a PVC water table that she thought would be perfect for our one-year-old. Although following pre-laid out instructions doesn’t make a building project much fun for me, I figured it would be a pretty quick job, so I happily agreed to build it and set off to the hardware store….


Easy DIY ‘lightsaber’ or sword

Here’s a really simple, yet fun project to do for the kids, the DIY lightsaber! This one is so simple, the kids can do it themselves (with a little supervision on the cutting, of course). Watch the video here for a 2 minute summary, or check out below for details. What you need: 1 pool noodle (image…