Clean as you go; a note for cooks (especially husbands)

Physicists tell us that disorder is constantly increasing in the universe – except for in perfectly ideal processes in which the amount of disorder can remain unchanged. I doubt the physicists were thinking of my house when they came up with this idea, but if someone isn’t actively putting order to the house, it just … Continue reading Clean as you go; a note for cooks (especially husbands)

Stop Changing Batteries – Use a Power Supply

DC power supplies can be used to run your battery powered devices. In this video I'll show you how I upgraded a small planetarium and share some principles you can apply to any device. Always practice safety when dealing with electricity.

Easy access facial tissue

It’s a good idea, right? Hanging the facial tissue on the fridge? It’s easy access for the little ones, but impossible to reach (sans chair/toy/box/sibling) for the littlest. (The best part is the box doesn’t come flying at you when you quickly pull a tissue out; the box stays put! ) For your viewing pleasure, … Continue reading Easy access facial tissue