My wife said I have too many hobbies. She’s right, of course, so I solved that problem by consolidating all my hobbies into a single blog, instructodad. Now I just have one hobby! #ProblemSolving

Learning and trying new things interests me, as I’m sure it does many of you. Nearly every day, I see projects I would like to try or topics I want to learn more about. That is my drug – skill development and learning. But don’t get the wrong idea here, apart from being tall (6’5) I’m fairly normal in the skills department. I’m a little clumsy and have grades to show I’m not the best student either. But because I’m not aiming to be a Nobel laureate or NBA star, it’s no big deal. I have realized that in life, I can essentially do anything/become anything I want to be. However, the trade off is I can’t do everything/be everything I could be. Choices must be made.

I enjoy making things and sharing them with other people. As a dad, I find a lot of motivation to create from my wife and kids. Rarely do I take projects to perfection, but I like to make them easy and functional. My wife helps to encourage me with the aesthetics :-).  Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration as you check out the site!

This site contains DIY build info, fatherly advice and anything else that a dad who likes to teach might come up with! I hope what you find here encourages you to try something new, learn something new, and feeds your confidence and curiosity. If I can do it, you can too!