Easy access facial tissue

It’s a good idea, right? Hanging the facial tissue on the fridge? It’s easy access for the little ones, but impossible to reach (sans chair/toy/box/sibling) for the littlest. (The best part is the box doesn’t come flying at you when you quickly pull a tissue out; the box stays put! ) For your viewing pleasure, I’ve linked a YouTube video detailing how I did this. Spoiler alert: I put magnets in the box and hang it on the fridge.

Step 1: Gather materials:


Facial tissue box – this is not a Kleenex sponsored project, but I do like that brand

Knife – this can be a butter knife or similarly blunt object. Most likely, you could poke holes in the box with your fingers

Magnets – the magnets need to be strong enough to support the weight of the box (that’s why I use two) but not so small and strong that they would rather rip through the box than let it freely move.

Step 2: Cut and assemble

Cut slits for the magnets to go into the back of the facial tissue box.

Slide the magnets into the slits.

Step 3: Hang

Now that you’ve got it put together, hang it on the fridge or another magnetic surface. I was thinking if you had a strong magnet, you could hang this on a drywall screw (already existing behind your plaster and paint) and could basically be put up on any wall in your home.

Setting the height is all about being low enough for your 7 year old and high enough your 2 year old can’t reach it without a chair.

If you are having trouble with the magnets not staying where you put them, push down on the stack of tissues to give some pressure as you hang the box.

When the last tissue is blown, all that is left is an empty box with magnets on the backside. Simply grab the magnets and repeat the process with the new box.


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