Clean as you go; a note for cooks (especially husbands)

Physicists tell us that disorder is constantly increasing in the universe – except for in perfectly ideal processes in which the amount of disorder can remain unchanged. I doubt the physicists were thinking of my house when they came up with this idea, but if someone isn’t actively putting order to the house, it just … Continue reading Clean as you go; a note for cooks (especially husbands)

Monster Muff Purse with Vinyl View Screen

Muff: a fuzzy warm tube to warm your hands I started this project wanting to incorporate a clear vinyl view screen into a muff so that the user could send text messages or otherwise use their smartphone/device while keeping their hands warm. I had seen some thing like this at a sporting goods store over … Continue reading Monster Muff Purse with Vinyl View Screen

Easy access facial tissue

It’s a good idea, right? Hanging the facial tissue on the fridge? It’s easy access for the little ones, but impossible to reach (sans chair/toy/box/sibling) for the littlest. (The best part is the box doesn’t come flying at you when you quickly pull a tissue out; the box stays put! ) For your viewing pleasure, … Continue reading Easy access facial tissue

Easy no-sew burlap tree skirt

It’s almost here! That magical time of year where everything changes – we bring trees in the house, put lights outside and move our budget to the red. Christmas time! Add some rustic flair to your home this year and keep your budget black with a super simple, no-sew burlap and duck-cloth tree skirt. I … Continue reading Easy no-sew burlap tree skirt

My favorite crème brûlée

Crème brûlée, the fancy way of saying ‘burnt cream’, is a delicious dessert and surprisingly simple to make. (See my video here) Growing up I didn’t expand my dessert horizons much past chocolate chip cookies and brownies. My introduction to crème brûlée was while on my honeymoon when a friend of my brother-in-law hooked my wife and … Continue reading My favorite crème brûlée

Leather bracelet – brass ring and hitch

My dad’s aunt’s father (I’m not sure what to call him) was a shoemaker in Mattighofen, Austria. In the 1970’s my Aunt made a visit to Austria and she brought back some of her dad’s leather. Basically sitting in the basement since then, the leather is nearly 50 years old but still in great condition! … Continue reading Leather bracelet – brass ring and hitch